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Where can I get fingerprints done in Korea?

This has to be the most commonly asked question I've had from Americans since moving here. After the Korean government decided to ask for an FBI Criminal Background Check instead of a state one, people have been frantic to get them done. It is a long and arduous process that is made even more ridiculously difficult by how much problems you run into trying to get the fingerprints done at all. But don't fret! I'm trying to compile a list of places that are Foreigner Friendly and easy to get to.



Jongro Police Department
Address: South Korea Seoul Jongno-gu Gyeongun-dong 90-18
Directions: Subway line 3, Anguk station (안국역) Exit 6

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The map makes it out to be a lot farther from the exit but it's not. There are two different buildings: one with a parking lot outside of it (it is behind the exit of the station) and then a really sad looking building right out front of the exit (you can see a picture of it here). This is the building where their CSI office is and where you can get your fingerprints done. The door itself it locked, but just knock and someone will let you in. If no one answers, the building just left of it has many police officers around to help you get in. That building is where you can go to get a KOREAN apostille.

Notes: After being denied by NO LESS than three different local (dong) police offices I decided to go all the way into Seoul for my fingerprints. A bit out of the way considering I live in Suwon and I had work later that day, but well worth it. Anguk Police Department was AMAZING. They were kind and helpful through the entire process. The people there are used to it so there aren't many questions except 'how many copies?'

Please comment and give me any information you might have on other police offices that do fingerprints and I'll add it to this list!

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